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When will it arrive?


From the day you place your order, it may take me a couple of days to actually get everything packaged and make a run to my post office. There's also a chance I'm away at a convention when your order is placed, in which case it'd also take me a couple days before I get back and can get things mailed out. It'll never be more than a week though! If there's any period in which I'm gone for an extended period, I'll shut my shop down temporarily so no orders get stuck in limbo or anything. If you're ever curious about the progress of your order, feel free to send a message!


You'll get an email once the package is on it's way, which will contain tracking information so you can keep close tabs on your order as it makes it's way to you! For International orders: Not all countries support full package tracking, but it should at least show you once it's made it to your country! 

I usually use First Class 3-day shipping, unless it's a heavy order, in which case I have to used Priority Shipping, which is usually also 2-3 days. That can vary depending on what day you order on and how far the package has to go, of course, but that's the average! For International orders: I believe the usual delivery time is 1-2 weeks! If your order has not arrived after 2 or 3 weeks, send me an message and I'll look into it!