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When will my order ship?

It usually takes me around a week (on average) to get all orders packaged and delivered to my local post office. Being away at conventions can also delay how quickly I can get orders sent out, but if I'm away for any extended period, I'll temporarily close my store. Anyway, if you do not get an email about the status of your order after 7 days, send me a message for an update! 

Once it's shipped, you'll get an email which should contain tracking information. For International orders: Not all countries support full package tracking, but it should at least show you once it's made it to your country! 

I usually use USPS First Class 3-day shipping, unless it's a heavy order, in which case I have to use Priority Shipping which is usually also 2-3 days. That can vary depending on what day you order on and how far the package has to go, of course, but that's the average! If your order is exclusively stickers, it will likely be shipped with a USPS first class shipping method that does not provide tracking. For International orders: I believe the usual delivery time is 1-3 weeks! If your order has not arrived after 3 weeks, send me an message and I'll look into it.

Something is sold out. Will it be restocked?

Probably! If you're curious about a certain sold-out product, send an email to [email protected]!

There's a chance I either happen to have a few left in storage, or plan to restock very soon and will let you know approximately when it will be restocked.

What does "Coming Soon" mean?

"Coming Soon" usually means the product is sold out, but that I plan to have it restocked and available in my store again very soon.