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Olli Daki (18+)

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  • Image of Olli Daki (18+)
  • Image of Olli Daki (18+)

*You must be 18 or older to order*

It's never been too hard to get Olli in your bed, but now it's easier than ever!

Note: because of the size and shape of this item, International shipping is pretty expensive. I still offer it, but I apologize for the shipping costs!

Item Details:

This is a dakimakura, or body pillow case. This pillowcase is available in two different fabric types: Peach Skin, or Soft Plush! Peach Skin is the standard: silky smooth and cool to the touch, but you can now upgrade to Soft Plush, which has a thicker fuzziness to it that makes it all the more warm and comfy to cuddle. You can compare the fabrics with the example pictures shown.

These are roughly 20 in. x 60 in. These just the pillow cases: the pillows themselves need to be bought separately. They're shipped discretely in 9x12 in. white poly bags. While you shouldn't have much issue washing these with the rest of your laundry, here's the official washing instructions: Hand-wash or machine wash on cold and hang up to air dry. Do not put product in dryer or expose to high temperatures or high humidity.