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Bento Daki

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Image of Bento Daki
  • Image of Bento Daki
  • Image of Bento Daki
  • Image of Bento Daki

Big Binturong Boy Bento bounces his way into your bed! It's reduced to rubble instantly, but he still pats the tiny space left on the mattress to invite you closer.

Art and Character belong to @SuckMcJones


Item Details:

This is a dakimakura, or body pillow case. This is just the pillow case: the pillows themselves need to be bought separately. This pillowcase is in Peach Skin fabric, which is silky smooth and cool to the touch.

These are roughly 20 in. x 60 in. They're shipped discretely in 10x13 kraft bubble mailers. While you shouldn't have much issue washing these with the rest of your laundry, here's the official washing instructions: Hand-wash or machine wash on cold and hang up to air dry. Do not put product in dryer or expose to high temperatures or high humidity.