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Discount Copies (18+)

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These are physical copies of my books that are slightly less-than-perfect and therefore discounted!

The reason for the discount on all these copies varies:

For 609: the only discounted copies are because of bent corners caused during initial shipping. For almost all copies, its just one corner.

"609" is 38 pages which contain: The first arc of the comic (22 pgs), 4 special guest art pages, lots of concept art, and more.

For 609: Fluff: Most of the discount copies are also just from a bent corner. However, there's also a few copies of 609: Fluff with small spots/scuffs in the cover print.
"609: Fluff" : 54 pages which contain: The second arc of the comic (26 pgs), 14 special guest art pages, and a few bonus illustrations!

Regardless, I've included pics of the very worst cases of these issues, so if you order a copy, it'll probably be a lil' more subtle than the examples. I'm just picky!

I sign and package every order myself, so it may take a week or so for your order to ship.
Both books are 8.5x11 inches, and come shipped in a discrete cardboard envelope. Contains explicit sexual content (M/M). You must be 18 or older to purchase!