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SCUFFS: Discounted Comics!

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  • Image of SCUFFS: Discounted Comics!

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So, I've been traveling to cons a bunch selling comics, and whether it's been friction from travel, having people browse display copies at cons, or actual initial shipping issues/errors during glossing, I've ended up with a big ol' box of comics that I call my Scuffs. All these comics have some sort of scuff, mark, or imperfection, pretty much exclusively on either the front or back covers, so the actual comics inside are as pristine as any other copy!

But yeah, these are all the ones that were a bit too roughed-up to ever sell normally. On the All Aboard copies, it's usually scuffs on the front cover's very right edge, and scuffs on the edges of the back cover. A couple are pretty rough, but most are pretty minimal! On the Comic Relief copies, it's usually just small specks of white, mostly likely from issues when applying the gloss. And for both comics, pretty much all these only have damage on one side, with the other side and interior being pretty much pristine! And then there's a copy of All Aboard that's undamaged except for a bent bottom right corner.

I included a bunch of pictures of some of the average-to-roughest copies. It's about the best I can do to give people a chance to pick up these comics as cheap as possible!

Orders will be shipped in 9x12 white Stayflat mailers. Packaging is as discrete as possible, with the sender listed on the shipping label as "Brae Art" being the only indication to what's inside.