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Body Pillows (18+)


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  • Image of Body Pillows (18+)

*You must be 18 or older to order*

Dakis, body pillows, whatever you wanna call 'em!

-The Blue Bard design (18+): I'm not posting full pictures of here (just in case) but I mean, you know what big hot bird man you're getting with this one. And yes, this is definitely an adult case; You must be 18 or older to order!

This pillow is available in two different fabric types: Peach Skin, or Soft Plush! Peach Skin is the standard: silky smooth, easy to wash and super high quality, but you can now upgrade to Soft Plush, which has a super soft fuzziness to it that makes it all the more warm and comfy to cuddle! You can compare the fabrics with the example pictures shown.

These double-sided pillow cases are around 50cm by 150cm. They'll be shipped in white untearable poly bag, similar to how t-shirts are usually shipped. Please note that these are just the pillow cases: the pillows themselves need to be bought seperately, but standard body pillows can be found at a ton of standard stores!

These are shipping in 9x12 in. white poly bags, not unlike how shirts are usually shipped. Packaging is as discrete as possible, with the sender listed on the shipping label as "Brae Art" being the only indication to what's inside.