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Asriel Wallscroll

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  • Image of Asriel Wallscroll
  • Image of Asriel Wallscroll

The perfect crowning piece to your goat son shrine. This 60 x 90 cm. (Roughly 24 x 35 in.) wallscroll can be hung up either by it's attached string or with included hooks, making it super easy to very quickly cover any section of lonely home wallspace with some extremely colorful goat(s)(?)(!)

These things are pretty big, so I have to ship them a little weird (and also, only to places in the US!). They're shipped very snugly packed into 2 poster tubes that are thoroughly duct taped together. The caps on the end of the tubes are taped shut as well, just in case. It's a little awkward looking, but the resulting 26 x 2 x 2 inch mega-tube has essentially zero flex and these tubes are pretty indestructible anyway, so I'd be shocked if anyone manages to damage these things!